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Membership at HBC

Mission Statement

Our vision is to have Jesus at the centre of all that we say and do.  We gather together for Him, grow together in HIm, and go into the world with Him, bearing His name and carrying His message.

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God's Gift of Church Membership

Jesus died to unite his people with himself in fellowship with others.  It's here, as members of a local church,  that we grow in faith, pledging to care for, encourage and admonish each other to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ more visible to others.

The church isn’t just a club. It’s the people of God, the Body of Christ, and the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus loved it and gave himself for it (Eph 5:25-27). It’s glorious not because it’s perfect but because it belongs to Christ who is continuing to protect, build and use it to display His glory.

Become a Member

To be a member at Howick Baptist Church, you must:

  • Have a demonstrable lifestyle of repentance from sin, and faith in Jesus Christ alone; and

  • Affirm the core truths of HBC’s Statement of Faith

Becoming a member generally involves:

  • Attending a membership class

  • Submitting an “Membership Application” form

  • An interview with an elder

  • Upon approval, being welcomed at a Sunday service as you make the Members' Pledge.

Click the pdf  button to download a Membership Application Form.

Members' Pledge

Being called of God into the fellowship of HIs people and into the membership of this church, I pledge myself by the grace of God to strive:

  1. To live at all times such a life as becomes a true Christian and a member of the church.

  2. To take an active and earnest part in the life and work of the church, regularly attending its services of worship as far as I am able, and being willing to help in whatever way I can.

  3. To be faithful in prayer for the church and its witness in the community.
  4. To share conscientiously in contributing to the funds of the church according to my means.

  5. To share in the government of the church by supporting and encouraging the leadership of the church and by attending church members’ meetings.

  6. To do all in my power to deepen and enrich the spirit of fellowship in the church, always endeavouring to refrain from uncharitable thoughts or words and ever seeking to develop a spirit of love in this brotherhood of Christ’s people.

  7. To share by life and word in the supreme task of the church, namely in witnessing to the saving, keeping power of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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