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Don Carson - Jul 20, 2014

Session 4 - The Promise of a New Covenant (Jer. 30–31)

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Session 4 - The Promise of a New Covenant (Jer. 30–31) Jul 20, 2014 WatchListen
Session 5 - The Failure of a Leader and the Fall of a City (Jer. 37–39) Jul 20, 2014 WatchListen
Session 2 - A Tale of Two Sisters (Jer. 3:6–4:4) Jul 19, 2014 WatchListen
Session 3 - The Pain, Preaching and Prayers of the Prophet (Jer. 12, 14, 15) Jul 19, 2014 WatchListen
Session 1 - The Call and Burden of Jeremiah the Prophet (Jer. 1:1–3:5) Jul 18, 2014 WatchListen
Listening to God (Jer 1:1-10) Jun 3, 2007 Listen

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