A note from Jayana

Note: This letter was shared by Jayana, one of our members here at HBC.


Dear Church Family,

I will be nearing the end of my 6 year medical degree at the end of this year. Final year students are given the option to go overseas to a place of their choosing, in a specialty of their choice.

After much consideration (and general indecisiveness), I am going to Lusaka, Zambia! I will be leaving on the 10th of June, will be there for 8 weeks, returning in early August. As you can imagine, this is something a little outside of my comfort zone (understatement) Especially as I’ll be going by myself! I would greatly appreciate your prayers over this time.


Why Zambia?

  • Something different to New Zealand, both in terms of the healthcare system, and also in terms of culture.
  • Connections through Kabwata Baptist church through some doctors I have been liaising with (through Pastor Joe Fleener and Pastor Conrad Mbewe).

What I will do there…

  • Four weeks general medicine plus four weeks general surgery at The University Teaching Hospital, one of the main hospitals.
  • An opportunity to put med school into practice.

Zambia University Teaching Hospital

Please pray…

  • That I will quickly get myself organised and sort out a daily routine.
  • For safety: flight, day-to-day travelling, health.
  • That I will quickly get plugged into the church and meet good friends.
  • For lots of growth: spiritually, personally, professionally/vocationally.
  • That my family (this includes you guys!) don’t miss me too much (more so vice versa!)
  • For my 2015/2016 job application process in New Zealand.


– Jayana Devathasan

2 Responses to “A note from Jayana”

  1. Jon Scanlan and family

    Hi Jayana. The family and I have been praying for you and that you will settle in well over in Zambia and that He keep you in good health and to grow spiritually and be encouraged by the church famply over there.

  2. Nahomi Dhinakar

    Fantastic opportunity. May all your requests be answered, hope you have a blessed time, and may you be a blessing to many.

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