Interim Pastor Candidate and Notice of Special Members Meeting

Update 12/3/2015: At a Special Members Meeting on Sunday 8 March, the members of HBC voted in favour of appointing Richard Cutforth as interim pastor. We thank God for His faithfulness and provision.


In November last year, our Senior Pastor Peter Somervell announced that he had accepted a call to serve as Lead Pastor in Grace Church in Richmond, Nelson. Peter, Francelle and his family will be greatly missed as they begin a new chapter of their ministry at the end of March.

As per Section 5.1.1 of our Constitution, the Church may, on the recommendation of the elders, appoint an Interim Pastor to temporarily oversee pulpit arrangements in consultation with other pastoral staff and elders. An Interim Pastor helps to prepare the church by providing leadership and stability while the Search Committee looks for a new Senior Pastor.

Some of you are aware the elders have been working with a possible candidate to take up a role as Interim Pastor at HBC. They are now able to make their recommended candidate public: he is Richard Cutforth, pastor of Papakura Baptist Church.


The pastors of HBC have enjoyed a long and happy relationship with Richard over the years and he is held in high regard by many in our gospel-preaching network.

A full profile of Richard, along with his proposed job description, can be found below.

In light of this, the elders give notice that a special members meeting is scheduled for Sunday, 8 March to vote on whether to accept this appointment. If you have any queries or concerns regarding this, the elders encourage you to speak to them prior to that date. Please continue to pray for us as a church, that God would be glorified and the gospel would advance through the upcoming year.

(Click here to view the candidate profile and proposed role description.)


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