New website feature: Sermon podcasts

Would you like to listen to the latest HBC sermon recordings as soon as they’re available?

You can get any or all of our various types of content delivered straight to your computer, mobile device, RSS reader or inbox by subscribing to any of the feeds below.

To subscribe, just select one of the following delivery methods:

  • Feedburner – use this option to add an RSS feed to something like Google Reader
  • iTunes – use this option with iTunes, iPods, iPhones and iPads

Howick Baptist Church sermons

Everything Audio

All audio recordings from Howick Baptist Church, including Sunday sermons, testimonies, seminars and more.

Peter Somervell preaching

Peter’s Sermons

Use these links if you’d like all audio recordings from Peter Somervell, our main teaching pastor.

Joe Fleener preaching

Joe’s Sermons

Use these links if you’d like all audio recordings from Joe Fleener, our associate pastor.

The podcast feature is helpful for keeping up to date with the latest sermons preached. If you’d like to listen to older sermons, the full archives are gradually being added to our sermons page.

Whether you’re an inquirer seeking answers about the Christian message or a follower of Jesus Christ, we hope these tools will be helpful to you as you seek to be challenged and encouraged from the Scriptures.

Featured image by Cybass @ Flickr
Photo of Peter by Jonathan Kraettli
Photo of Joe by Equip Conference


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