The main focus of all our leaders and staff is:

“To equip God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up…” Eph 4:12 (ESV)

Elders (Leadership Team)

Jesus is Lord of His church. Underneath the guidance of Jesus are leaders who are specially called to shepherd the sheep and serve the church.

At HBC, we believe the Scriptures teach that the congregation should appoint a plurality of qualified men to serve as overseers. Some of our elders are employed by the church while others work in secular jobs. All our elders meet the stated qualifications for this office as laid out in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. They meet regularly to pray and provide spiritual oversight on matters concerning our church family.

Peter Somervell

Peter Somervell | Senior Pastor Facebook  Twitter  Blog

Peter was raised on a dairy farm in central Hawkes Bay. Every Sunday he was taken with his sisters to a small country church for Sunday School, but did not recall ever hearing the gospel. A move from the family farm to Hamilton at age 13 brought about great changes in his life, and a lengthy period of teenage partying, drinking and wasteful living. At age 19 he found himself at rock bottom and was open to hearing the gospel. He repented of his sin and trusted Christ as his personal Saviour.

After a few years completing an apprenticeship as a fitter turner, Peter left NZ to train at The Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles. He was appointed as Senior Pastor at HBC in July 2006 after serving for several years at Wanganui East Baptist Church. Peter serves as HBC’s main teaching elder and oversees our Sunday morning services.

Peter is married to Francelle and together they have four teenage children – Mark, Luke, Katherine and Emma. Peter and Francelle share a love for the outdoors and enjoy sailing, kayaking, biking and hiking. They also like reading books, travelling, and watching a good movie.

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