Jesus is Lord of His church. Underneath the guidance of Jesus are leaders who are specially called to shepherd the sheep and serve the church in various ways.

The main focus of all our leaders and staff is:

“To equip God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up…” Eph 4:12 (ESV)

Elders (Leadership Team)

At HBC, we believe the Scriptures teach that the congregation should appoint a plurality of qualified men to serve as overseers. The elders direct the spiritual life of the church at the pleasure of the congregation, handling matters relevant to the Word and prayer. Elders are required to meet the stated qualifications for this office as laid out in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1. They meet regularly to pray and provide spiritual oversight on matters concerning our church family. Some of our elders are employed by the church while others work in secular jobs.

Andrew Ho

Andrew Ho | Elder

Andrew was born and raised in a non-Christian family in Hong Kong. Although he attended Christian schools growing up, he “knew for sure” that he did not want to be a Christian. However, God opened his eyes to his need for salvation through several hardships: “In my distress, I called to the Lord, and He answered me…” (Jonah 2:2). Andrew now believes that he is accepted and saved because of the person and work of Jesus Christ, and “there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12).

Andrew joined HBC in 1997 after immigrating to NZ with his family. Since then he has served in a number of areas within the church, including Pastoral Care and the Link Trust. He currently serves in the Management Team and has been the Church Treasurer since 2012. Andrew desire is to learn from Jesus how to be a good shepherd in whatever role he undertakes.

Outside of HBC, Andrew works full-time as General Manager of a property and cleaning services provider. He is married to Debbie and together they have one adult son.

Chris Wade

Chris Wade | Elder

Chris grew up attending church and Sunday School, but only began to seriously consider the Christian faith while going through baptism classes as new parents in an Anglican church in South Africa. After becoming a born-again Christian, Chris and his wife Ruth joined St James Church in Kenilworth, Cape Town under the Bible teaching of Frank Retief.

Chris has attended HBC since 1996, and was baptised as a believer in 2002. He has worked in the building industry for many years, but is now retired. Within HBC, Chris oversees the Children’s ministries, co-leads a homegroup and is a member of the Management Team. In his spare time, Chris enjoys working on his two-seater airplane and playing with his grandchildren.


Dion Scrivener | Elder

Dion grew up in South Auckland and was raised in a non-Christian family, but remembers his grandmother’s love and joy for Christ. At the age of 20, his cousin invited him to a Saturday night youth group where he first heard the gospel and responded in repentance and faith in Christ for the forgiveness of his sins.

Dion joined HBC in 2006, and over the years has served as a Sunday School teacher, bible reader and block course coordinator. Dion currently hosts and co-leads a young adults homegroup during the week, and is part of the organising committee for the Stand for the Gospel conference hosted at HBC each year.

Dion shares: “While I’m not sure what ministries I would start or continue as an elder, I am sure that I love the people of the church family here at Howick Baptist. With the collective wisdom and guidance of the men I serve with and more importantly the Word of God and Holy Spirit working in me, I will look to serve wherever that may be to God’s glory.”

Dion currently works full-time as a vehicle painter. He is married to Ray and together they have one daughter, Megan.

Ian Lange-Smith

Ian Lange-Smith | Elder

Ian was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in a Christian family. He remembers accepting Jesus at 5 years of age, but truly committed to follow Him as Lord and Saviour at the age of 12 after hearing a gospel challenge in an evening service. Following high school and two years of military service, Ian moved to the Natal region in South Africa to study engineering, and met his wife Alison there. After getting married in 1984, they moved to Johannesburg to work and raise a family. They attended Honeyridge Baptist Church during this time, enjoying a season of formative spiritual growth. Ian and his family moved to Auckland in 2001.

Ian serves the HBC family by leading a homegroup and as Chair of the Missions Committee. He works full-time as a telecommunications manager for an office equipment supplier. Ian and Alison have three adult sons: Bruce, Keith and Hylton. When he’s not working, Ian enjoys sailing Paper Tiger class catamarans and cycling along New Zealand’s many bike trails.

Roger Alexander

Roger Alexander | Elder

Roger spent his childhood years growing up on a farm in Wellsford, and being taught about Jesus from an early age in the small Open Brethren church his family attended. At the age of 12, he attended a holiday camp at Willow Park Christian Camp where a teacher challenged the students to follow Jesus Christ. Roger then privately made a commitment to follow the Lord.

Roger has been a member of HBC since he transferred from Kerikeri Baptist Church in 2002. At HBC, Roger oversees the home groups ministry and co-leads a homegroup. He has been a self-employed builder since the age of 30, but loves his vocation so much that he feels he’s “never worked a day in his life”. Roger enjoyed 38 years of marriage with his first wife Aileen until she left to meet Jesus face-to-face in 2005. He is now married to Celia. He has two married sons and seven grandchildren.



Deacons are spiritually mature Christians who serve in some area of ministry so that the elders can accomplish their God-given calling of shepherding and teaching (a pattern first seen in Acts 6). Deacons are required to meet the stated qualifications for this office as laid out in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

Our deacons from November 2014 to March 2016 are:

Mike Austin | Sound Team

Chris Breddy | Catering/Hospitality Team, Management Team

William Chong | Worship in Song, Music Team

David Chua | Worship in Song

Max Cope | Sunday School, Management Team

Phill Davidson | Youth

Tommy Dersley | Auditorium

Lynette Dersley | Counting Team

Rob Fuata | Practical Helps

Jayby Graham | Intermediates Ministry

Ngaire Hart | Widows

Wayne Parfitt | Evangelism Team

Jon Scanlan | Worship in Song

Carl van Ballegooy | Catering/Hospitality Team


The role of church staff is to assist with the daily ministry of HBC.


Richard Cutforth | Interim Pastor

Richard Cutforth was privileged to grow up in a Christian family, and attended Whangarei Baptist Church as a child. Although he attended Sunday School and Bible classes, he rebelled as a teenager and pursued a self-centred life. At age 20, Richard became disillusioned with his lifestyle and felt guilt and conviction about how he was living. He confessed his sins and asked for forgiveness through Jesus Christ, and for the first time in his life experienced true freedom. He was baptised a number of weeks later in the same church he was once kicked out of. Today, Richard loves seeing the Lord work in people’s hearts and changing their lives over the years, and has a passion to help raise up new workers for the Harvest.

Richard will be working from the HBC office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and preaching 2 Sundays a month. He continues to serve as the Pastor of Papakura Baptist Church, where he has been since 2000. Richard has been married to Donelda for over 30 years and has four adult sons who are also his brothers in Christ.


Ray Scrivener | Office Administrator

Ray serves as the friendly face behind the counter in our church office. If in doubt about anything – ask Ray!


William Chong | Ministry Assistant

William became a Christian as a 17 year old in college, when someone took the time to sit down with him and explain the gospel message using a tract. He confessed his sin and placed his trust in Jesus for forgiveness of sins.

William has been a member of HBC since 2008 and is involved in HBC ministry in a variety of ways (including as deacon of gathered worship). He currently works 2 days a week with Andrew and Ray on administration, policy and operations planning, and spends the rest of his week as a freelance writer with Clever Whale Concepts. He also serves on the committee for the Stand for the Gospel and Equip conferences. He is married to Cheryl, and together they have two lively daughters.


Geoffrey Downing | Custodian

Faithful and diligent in keeping the church spick and span, Geoffrey has been helping out with church cleaning for many years.